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A Decade In, and Loving Every Minute of My Digital Agency, Elevate Studios

Lawrence Bak

By Lawrence Bak ,

Founder and President


It’s blazing hot in Chicago (even for August) and I’m sitting in my office reviewing my to-do list for the day. One item, writing this blog post, promises a nice change of pace, since I don’t often have time just to sit and think. I began to reflect on why I believe Elevate is the Agency it is today: a full decade of strong, fulfilling relationships. I can’t believe Elevate is already halfway through its tenth year of operation. How quickly time flies.

I started Elevate back in 2003 in a tiny bedroom with nothing but a few hundred bucks in the bank; a deep-rooted love for advertising, design, and technology; and the desire to do it better than anyone else out there.

The relationships I forged within the industry and throughout my career kept me at the forefront of the rapidly growing world of digital marketing. As a result, I was soon busy helping a growing roster of clients. Two years later, I hired Elevate’s first full-time employees, Kate Vein and Jason Crichton, both of whom I’d worked with in the past. It was their belief in me and what I was building, combined with the trust I had in my relationship with each of them, that made me confident that Elevate would thrive.

Fast forward to today: Elevate has grown to fifteen extremely dedicated and talented people that feel that same passion I felt ten years ago and still do today. In fact, we continue our relationships with many of the same clients that trusted us in those very first days. The confidence they have in our team to get the job done right, our extraordinary talent and our high-touch approach to client service has even allowed us to work with clients on a global scale.

So, as I look towards the next ten years, I continue to be excited and inspired by the agency Elevate has become and the opportunities that lie ahead. The passion, dedication, creativity, technical prowess and thought-leadership of our Elevators and the amazing clients we have the great fortune to work with every day. I find it remarkable and it speaks volumes of who we are. I’m loving every minute of it all.

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