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Elevate CultureWalking the Talk

By The Elevate Team


I started my journey as President of Elevate in January, and over the past 90+ days I’ve really come to appreciate this quote that is (typically) attributed to Peter Drucker. At Elevate, one of our core values is to Live Balanced, which means we believe our lives outside the workplace are just as important as our lives at work.

I’ve worked at and consulted for many, many organizations in my career, and I’ve experienced lots of different company cultures. Most say we work hard and play hard,” or we value our employees,” but when it comes down to it, they all are basically following the same rule: If it is beneficial to the business, sure we can accommodate you; if not, then unfortunately it’s against our policies.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast” — Peter Drucker

Before I officially joined Elevate, I had an opportunity to work with the team and get a sense of the culture. And their culture was a big reason I decided to join this firm. We really do walk the walk when it comes to Living Balanced. One of the best examples of how we live this value is the story of one of our strategic directors, Peter Bender. Peter recently had an amazing opportunity: his wife Kara received a travel pass from a close family member that gave her and Peter free airline travel for a year. Amazing! The dilemma for Peter was how to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but still remain an Elevator, a job he values (and one that he’s pretty darn good at it, too).

Our collective solution: Go see the world. We came up with an arrangement that allows him to work four days a week, with the flexibility to take an extra day once in a while for longer trips (like his recent visit to Tokyo). He still takes the utmost care of his clients and, with the support of the team, gets to jump on a plane most weekends to faraway places that make us all a tiny bit jealous.

Peter has agreed to share some of his travel adventures with us all through a blog series that we will kick off later this month. We call it Where in the World Is Peter Bender?” He’ll share pictures and random thoughts on wherever he is, and we’ll all share in this amazing experience, while calling him bad names under our breath (but not really).

I’m extremely proud of being part of a team that helps people truly live balanced (and I look forward to the day I get a year of free travel so I can do the same!).

If you have any suggestions for Peter about where he and Kara should go, please post them in the comments below.

Enjoy the upcoming blog series. I know I will.

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