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My First Month at Elevate

By Elevate

October 16, 2018

Culture Productivity

I’m back to talk about myself again! My first blog post for Elevate gave an overview of my first week at the company as I relaunched the blog and got acquainted with the people and processes around the office. Well, just over one month later, I’m here to tell you that things have certainly sped up.

After a few weeks of getting acquainted with the team and our clients, I’m now fully immersed. First and foremost, I’m now managing my own clients and am helping organize the creation of ecommerce experiences that help reach tangible business goals. I’m currently working with two awesome L’Oréal divisions: Seed Phytonutrients and L’Oréal Level Loyalty Rewards. I’m managing daily communications with them and making sure our internal team is on track with the various projects we have going on.

In addition, I’ve helped usher in a new project management software called Trello. I’d used Trello in multiple past positions, and I love the unique way that it cuts down context switching with workflow visualization and easy communication tools. We tested out a couple other options and decided to go with Trello, and I can already tell it’s making life a little simpler and allowing us to focus more on client work and less on logistics management.

Finally, I’ve also spent a good amount of time on this blog. As we continue to grow (we’ve hired two more people since I started!) gaining new business will be an important activity for us as an agency. How can we put our best foot forward to potential clients if we don’t have a voice? I hope to continue to bring Elevate’s unique insights and expertise to the community through this blog, and am looking forward to building out a more robust social media strategy as time moves on as well.

I’ll check back in soon, but for now, enjoy the blog!

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