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Elevate's entrance lobby, with a view into the main conference room.

My First Week at Elevate

By Elevate

September 18, 2018


Let me start with an introduction: My name is Nate Antetomaso and I am Elevate’s newest hire. I joined the team as a Project Manager, and I will be helping our clients by coordinating projects to deliver amazing ecommerce experiences. In addition, I’ll also be doing a lot of work with this blog, Elevate’s social media, and more. In my first week here I can already tell that Elevate creates amazing work that each and every employee is proud of. So why not show it, the company, and our industry off some more? At the same time, I hope to provide readers with tangible value from Elevate’s unique insights into the industries of beauty, apparel, ecommerce, and more.

My background is more of a digital marketing one, so I’m excited to leverage these talents to create great insights for client projects in the Project Manager role. This is my first job in Chicago, and I actually relocated here just two days before starting at Elevate. Outside of the office it’s been a crazy week of exploring the city, learning the best options for commuting on public transit, and eating my way through my neighborhood. People talk about the freshman fifteen — I think I might put on the Chicago fifteen.

In the office, it’s also been a great week of discovery. Everyone at Elevate has been so welcoming, and right away I was able to jump into the processes of ongoing projects and discover where we were and how things worked. I shadowed client calls and met external stakeholders, I sat in on internal scrums, and met one on one with each department. In short, I learned all the Elevate ways. As my second week starts, I’m slowly taking on more responsibility of contributing to deliverables and working with team members to create timelines. I’m writing this blog and developing a content marketing strategy. I can see my contributions to the business ramping up already, and I’m really excited about the weeks to come as I truly dive into the ecommerce world.

Be on the lookout for more blogs coming from the Elevate team about developments in the industry and about the company itself, and I’ll be checking in periodically to update everyone on my Elevate journey. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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