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A rainy intersection in Paris.

Where in the World Is Peter Bender? Paris

By Elevate

June 7, 2018


Whenever traveling, we tend to walk all around the city. A lot. Without much of an agenda, it’s always great to pick a few high points to see each day, then fill in the rest of the time by wandering around and taking in the surroundings. While in Paris, this also meant frequent trips to cafes in order to escape the rain. We, of course, had to visit the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower. We tend to do the abbreviated version of these outings, then fill in the gaps with food. I suppose if I being honest with myself, we often plan our visits to sites around meal periods rather than vice versa.

Rainy paris orig
A rainy intersection in Paris.
Paris pedestrian walk orig
A pedestrian walkway in Paris.

One of my favorite experiences during this trip was dinner at a small restaurant that we stumbled upon while on one of our long walks. It looked packed inside, but we figured it was a worth a shot to see if we could get it. Fortunately for us, one couple was getting up as we arrived and we had a delightful two top in the front of the restaurant. I know very little French (that’s generous … I only know a few words in French) and there were no English menus, so our server was kind enough to help explain everything to us.

I saw Andouillette on the specials menu and opted for that. The server tilted her head, looked at me and said, Do you know what that is?” I replied, I do, thank you.” In reality, I only vaguely knew. I knew it wasn’t Andouille and that it was made from some form of organ meat. I was, however, less familiar with the fact that the primary ingredients were from the lower (very low) digestive tract and, generally speaking, the funkier the Andouillette the better. Once it arrived, there was no mistaking what part the meat came from, but I have to say it was pretty darn good. Maybe not an everyday dish, but I’d have it again.

While I could continue talking about how great the rest of the food was, I think that’s enough for now. In my next post, I venture to Central America.

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