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To Sell to Gen Z through Media, Don’t Sell

High-quality and long-form media styles are still sought after by consumers, and can be incredibly effective forms of storytelling for brands.


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Gen Z: Socially Selling

In part 2 of our series on how brands can communicate effectively with Gen Z, we put the wild world of social media under the microscope.

A diverse group of teens looking at mobile phones.

Gen Z: The Latest Generation of Purchasing Power

How can brands communicate effectively with Gen Z as they gain purchasing power? We’ll take a look in this first of a three-part series.

11 7 2018 meta orig

UX Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Conversion

We’ve identified five common mistakes brands make with their user experience, and how they impact a user’s time on platform.

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Happy Halloween!: Don’t Let the Scares Continue after the Holiday

Any forward-thinking ecommerce brand is looking past Halloween’s candy and costumes to a potentially even scarier time ahead: holiday shopping season.

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My First Month at Elevate

Our newest Project Manager at Elevate checks back in about his first month working on the team.

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Ever Wonder What Your Customers Are Really Doing on Your Site?

We simplified data and analytics by identifying our top four favorite user monitoring tools.

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No Need for Associates: Robots Are the New Salespeople

In today’s world of ever-increasing methods of consumer contact, one technique is standing out among the crowd for its effectiveness: Messenger Bots.

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Ecommerce Holiday Prep: Plan Ahead. Way Ahead.

We’ve been in the holiday spirit for months to make sure ecommerce retailers are ready for the jolliest time of the year.