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Champion Case Story

Merging Story with Commerce

An e-commerce experience that lets the products—and the inspiring people who wear them—speak for themselves.

Real Champion Clair Marie rock climbing in Champion gear.






  • E-commerce Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Front-End Development

Project Approach

Story-Driven Shopping Experience

Champion approached Elevate to create a site experience for their Real Champions social campaign, which shares the stories of four real people who have overcome personal challenges through sport.

Social selling is successful because of its authenticity, so our strategy was to focus on real people (the Real Champions) and let them share their own stories in their own words, keeping their stories front and center.

What we created wasn’t just a soft sell,” it was a story-driven shopping experience. Vignettes for each athlete featured vivid action photography and narrative videos. The Champion products were introduced as supporting features of the Real Champion’s athletic pursuits and personal style.

In addition to the site experience, Elevate designed an email series to further promote the campaign.


percent ROI within 3 months of launch

Real Champion homepage on mobile.
Real Champions Clair page on mobile.
Real Champions homepage on tablet.
"Real Champions Rise to the Occassion."
Real Champions homepage on desktop.

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